How It Works

1. Let’s Have a Chat to discuss your project and possible dates

2. I will send you my contract and an invoice for 50% to book your date. This will need to be completed online to ensure your date is set in my calendar.

3. A checklist will be emailed to you so you can start gathering your items ahead of our meeting.

4. The 24-hour session consists of THREE One Day Projects. Each Day will Include:

  • Spending 5-8 hours of one-on-one training and side by side work

  • Quiet, Professional Environment to help stimulate creativity

  • We begin around 8am and end around 5pm at my office.

  • Lunch will be off campus around Noon.

NOTE My office provides all the free coffee you can drink. Feel free to bring a snack and a sweater because it can get cold in the office!

Choose THREE of the following “In a Day” Services:

  • Branding

    Not just a logo: Color Psychology, Iconicism, Messaging, Mission, Vision, and of course, up to 10 forms of the logo for different applications, etc

  • Social Media

    Setup a Scheduling System, Target Market Analysis, Create a Posting Schedule, Write, Gather and Schedule 6 months of Posts, Design graphics for posts, Curate Content, etc.

  • Email Marketing

    Email templates, Drip Campaigns, Automation, Email Opt-in/Download, Setup RSS feeds from Blog and other sources, create graphics and banners etc.

  • Membership/Course

    Setup Membership or Course site, Create pricing Structure, Discuss Profitability, Create Course or Membership layout and add content, etc.

  • Tech / Budget Audit

    Comb through your business bank account statements and find the items we can save you money on. Systems, Memberships, Professional Development, CRM, IT, etc.

  • Website

    Setup: Domain and Hosting, Professional Email, Email Marketing, Booking Calendar, Blog, Contact Forms, eCommerce, etc.

  • Blogging

    Learning your unique viewpoint, How to find your writing voice, Crafting a bloggable titles, Easy ways to create blog graphics, Best tools and practices, Create a Content Calendar for current and future use, Create, Write, Brand and Schedule 12 months of Posts, etc.

  • ECommerce

    Setup E-Commerce website, Create Page and Category Structure, enter 1-2 products per Category, Setup Shipping, Setup Payment Gateways, create sales pages, etc.

  • Q & A

    Bring a list of questions you have about business, Marketing, Social Media, Selling Online, etc and we will go over them together creating solutions for your and your business.