Getting Organized with Evernote

Every year as a kid I looked forward to school supply buying day. The one day a year my opinion on the Lisa Frank Notebook I would choose was paramount. While those blue lines on a white page and your favorite pen (sparkly gel pens for me) aren’t going anywhere, there is a new generation of note-taking apps. Think of a 10,000 page notebook with separate tabs for various areas of life and work.

Photos of handwritten notes

Business Cards

Marketing Ideas


Photos of Kid’s Artwork

Recipes to Try

Random Thoughts

Vacations Memories

Food Journal

Restaurants to Try


The best part? It's all searchable! (Even the handwritten stuff and the text in the photos!)

Today’s Digital Notebook tools are designed to alter what your idea of a notebook is while keeping simplicity and portability front and center.

Evernote (For Android, Blackberry, iOS, Kindle and Windows), a popular option and my personal favorite. It can be used on any device to grab almost any kind of file including photos and audio clips. Everything is synced and indexed for better searching. It will even pick up and index the text on a sign in a photograph. Evernote even is capable of helping you plan a trip gathering itineraries together, saving emails, sketching with ipad or iphone, store recipes, and even drop PDFs and other files for searching or sharing.

Passwords I have about a billion accounts. That's right, a BILLION. I also keep track of countless client accounts and passwords. I use a blank note and a simple formula to keep track.
PIN or Security Question/Answer

I add each new password to the bottom of the list. This makes it super easy to add on the fly. How will you find it later when you need to use it? EASY, SEARCH! Yes, the search is that powerful!

CRM Customer Resource Management is something most business owners forget about and don't realize how much time it could be saving them! I have a single note for each client. I add their accounts, passwords, code snippets, Quote dates, phone and email logs, etc. I can easily search and find their info in a second.

Memories I always have my phone. My photos go into my phone and then get loaded into my computer for storage. But what about all those other memories, the ones the camera missed? What about a list of the places you ate, the sights you visited. Not to mention, some of my best inspiration comes when I am on vacation. I keep vacation notes in Evernote so that when I plan another visit to the same area, I can visit old favorites as well as uncharted territory. I also use it as a resource for friends and family when they visit the same areas.

Suffice to say, Evernote is my most used app. (On my phone, tablet and computer. Don't have your devices handy? Did I mention it is a web app too?) Comment below and let us know the many ways you use Evernote. (PS: the Free version is good, but the Paid version is BETTER! Trust me!)