Designing Your Email

Email marketing is one of the biggest marketing tools out there. You have the ability to get on people’s screens for a few minutes. They take time out of their day to look and see what you have to offer them, take advantage of it! You have to create a well-designed email if you want to grab and keep their attention. So what are the rules to designing a catchy email?

According to this article, you need to get three things right:

  1. White space. This pretty much describes itself, but you want to make sure when you are designing your emails to add in white space and section out your email. There are two types of white space: active and passive. Active is the white space you purposely place in the middle of the emails, within the content. Passive white space is the margin areas. Active white space is intentionally put in there to have your eyes drawn to a title or subtitle, or button of some sort, it catches people’s attention.
  2. Lines. Lines are what create order and organization in your email, so you won’t want to forget them.  You will want visible horizontal lines throughout the email. You will also want to divide your email with vertical lines, but avoid having too many. You will want to stick to two or three vertical divisions.
  3. Sans-serif fonts. Obviously, everything about an email is aesthetic, people will stay or go depending on how your email looks, at first glance. Having a fun font, is cute and fun, but it isn’t very professional and it will look pixelated and fuzzy on their screens. So stick with a classic sans-serif font (Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial, etc.). It will look sharp and catch their attention.

Here are a few other rules you should keep in mind.

  • Be transparent and make your subject be exactly why you’re writing the email.
  • Make your links obvious.
  • Don’t over-do it and get to the point. It’s not a blog post, so just make your point and let them click to learn more.
  • Make sure that they can just skim through it and still get the gist.
  • Don’t just have one call-to-action, have multiple and repeat the main one.
  • Most people open their emails from their phone, so make sure it can access through a smart phone.

Designing an email is an important part of marketing and has the potential to be your greatest source of marketing. So take advantage of our digital world and get in people’s inboxes with great offers!

If you still need help with a design, checkout these free templates