Saving Money During Summer

Summer is often a slow time for work, people are off vacationing at the beach or on a cruise. Meanwhile you’re wondering how you will pay your high electricity bill this month. Even though times are slow, there are things you can do to save money during the summer slump. Although, you should plan for the summer to be slow and save beforehand, using these tips to save money will further reduce your costs, in those treacherous months.

  • Check out discount sites/stores. Sites such as Craigslist and Ebay have great deals and you can usually make a deal on an already good deal. Check out stores like Goodwill, or secondhand stores if you are in need of furniture but can’t afford full cost.
  • Barter. Leverage your value to help get what you need. For example if you need a graphic designer, and you happen to be a photographer, just see if you can make a trade. Bartering is such a beneficial way for both parties to save money or time.
  • Check out Facebook. Facebook has hundreds of groups for different niches that you could network with and market to. They also have for sale groups that you could definitely find good deals on everything.
  • Groupon. Summer is supposed to be fun, you need to take your mind off work for a bit and get out and do something. Check out Groupon for great local deals in your area!
  • Grill. Grilling is a great way to cook meat in bulk and have it for a week (so you don’t spend money eating out) and you don’t have to turn the oven on inside!

Check out this article on what you can do to your home to save money during those hot, summer months.

Saving money is important during the slow season, however rather than focus on “saving” focus on making more money, find side jobs you can do. There are so many opportunities to make money online now, or even just in your spare time. Mow lawns, be an uber driver, or babysit on the weekends. Those ideas might seem like they are for teens but that would be a great way to make an extra buck. You could also be a VA for someone online, reach out on social media to big accounts, and see if they need help running their account or personal brand.

Although the summer months are slow, there is great opportunity there, focus on organizing your office, or get started on anticipated fall projects. Take this slow time to work on personal development. Just don’t get in such a slump that you waste time and money being depressed. The time will pass and summer will be over soon. Hang in there and enjoy your summer!