Three Tips to Grow Your Instagram

Instagram is an awesome platform, and when used right can boost your page views and grow your email list. Many people don’t know how valuable Instagram can be, and often overlook it. A common misconception about Instagram, is that it’s just for make-up artist and fitness models. While those two do make up a large part of Instagram, anyone can grow a following by simply finding their tribe. Here are 3 tips to grow your following and find your tribe.

  1. Post consistently. The ideal number to post would be 3-5 times per day. That seems like a lot of content, and it is but if you plan appropriately, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Engage, engage, engage. Engagement is huge on Instagram, you have to really interact and be genuine with other people. Like and comment on their pictures, be interested in their content and you’ll be sure to find your tribe.
  3. Utilize hashtags. Hashtags are huge on Instagram and if you’re using them wrong it can be really crucial to your growth. So if you are using them to be funny or witty, STOP. Find 30 that are targeted to your niche and use them on every post. I suggest listing them in your notes section and just copy and pasting them each time. Once you start using hashtags, you will get noticed and gain new followers.

Instagram is going through a lot of fun changes right now. Aside from the tips listed above, make sure if you really want to grow, you are utilizing all the new features. Stories are great for showing people everyday, behind-the-scenes action. The newest live feature is so fun and can be used for Q&A’s, a great way to really interact with your audience. As long as you are posting quality content and follow the tips above, your Instagram will grow and essentially lead to more traffic to your website. Happy growing, now go find your tribe.