How to Deal with Difficult Clients

If you run your own business, you know customers aren’t always easy to deal with. For the most part, people are awesome! But there are always those few who have to complain. When that happens, sometimes it’s hard not to lose your cool, but breathe and all will be well. Let me introduce you to 5 very difficult customers.

  1. Nay-sayer Nancy- Nancy is, as her name suggests, is a nay-sayer. She believes she could design her website on her own, she also suggests your services are way too expensive and asks if you could lower them for her. Nancy doesn’t really have a clue, but we won’t tell her that.

How to handle Nancy- “ I’m sorry Nancy, our prices are firm, but thank you for your interest.”, “I have these other options available for your price range and would love if you would check it out.”

  1. Deal-Maker Dan- Dan is a deal-maker, he is always looking to make a deal that will benefit him and leave you shorthanded. Dan may inquire about getting his services now but asks if he can pay your at a later date. He may want option 2 for the price of option 1. Either way Dan is only looking out for himself.

How to handle Dan- “Thanks for your interest Dan, however I don’t accept holds. After you are ready to pay, contact me and we can move forward.” “Dan I’m sorry but the price is firm, I can’t offer you that price for option 2, but we do have option 1 available.”

  1.  No-Show Ned- Ned orders a product from you and doesn’t pick it up. Or he orders it and then quits responding to you leaving you high-and-dry.

How to handle Ned- “Thanks for your interest in my product Ned, but as you didn’t show up to pick it up, I’m putting it back up for sale.”, “Thanks for your interest, but since you stopped responding, unfortunately you will lose your nonrefundable deposit.”

  1. Freebie Fred- Fred is always trying to get something out of you with nothing in return.

           How to handle Fred- “Thanks for your interest Fred, as my prices are firm, here is a package I think would interest you (insert lowest cost package).” , “Fred, unfortunately, I can not work for free, I have to make a living and if I let you have it free then I would have to let everyone else have it for free as well. Here is a package that I think would work for you (once again, insert lowest cost package).”

  1. Meanie Melanie- Melanie is your typical bully, she will yell and swear at you, attack you personally and your business in person and online. Melanie can be set off by the smallest thing, such as not receiving a free coupon.

How to handle Melanie- “I’m sorry Melanie, but as per our policy, we cannot give you a free coupon.” Walk-away from Melanie after that, nothing good can come from a person being mean.

No matter which customer you are dealing with, these 3 tips will help you with how you approach them. Do you have a personal experience with any of these customers? Share with us below!