Blogging for Fitness Pros

It is very common nowadays to come across fitness professionals through social media, it seems everywhere you turn there is another fitness expert with a huge following. One thing you don’t see enough of are fitness blogs. In the fitness industry people oftentimes overlook having a blog to supplement their social media following. They probably think it will take up too much time or don’t see a point in it, but there is always a reason for owning a blog.

  • Having a fitness blog will expand your exposure to people not on Instagram or Twitter. The internet is huge and if you use it right you can reach millions of people. Future clients or media personnel may not be searching through Instagram to find their next expert, having a blog makes you look more professional.  
  • I can’t tell you how many times I read the same questions over and over on posts of fitness influencers. Having a blog allows you to answer frequently asked questions, so you aren’t constantly answering them on social media.
  • If you are at the point where you are ready to monetize your services and provide online training rather than just in-person, having a website is a must. The easier it is for someone to access your online training, the more clients you will receive.
  • A blog helps you create deeper relationships by letting people into your personal life. Blog about your struggles and how people can relate to you. It will make you more approachable. People will see how you have overcome your obstacles and seek your help in overcoming theirs.

There are many reasons why a fitness expert should have a blog, I just pinpointed a few. The biggest factor in having a blog would be that it makes you stand out. There are millions of beauty and lifestyle bloggers, but how often do you come across a fitness blogger? So if you are ready to grow your online presence start by reading this article.