Book Review: Networking for People Who Hate Networking

 I used to be an avid reader as a kid. Nowadays, I am more selective with my reading time as I find it shrinking all the time! I ran across this book about a year ago when a colleague taught a class on Introverts Networking. One of my passions is networking and as I read this book, I realized that EVERYONE should read it. Introvert, Extrovert, and everyone in between.

With topics like "The Destruction of Stereotypes" and "Why we hate to network" the author, Devora Zack, hits the nail on the head chapter by chapter. She also describes her Networking Survival Kit which I use when I speak on networking. Her book further details how to use Networking as a means of getting a job, how to Network when traveling, and even HOW to run a group! (I have read that chapter MANY many times.)

I encourage you to read this book and see for yourself some of the reasons networking is so important to not only your business, but also your overall well-being.

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