Book Review: Be obsessed or Be Average

Be obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone, is one of the most eye-opening books I have read. Cardone has a way of explaining why things that average people do, really won’t work in the long run. He shatters stereotypes on everything from money to work-life balance. I highly suggest the audio version, which is read by Cardone, his larger than life personality keeps you hooked the entire time.

The book starts off with Cardone talking about his background/childhood. His dad died when he was about 11 and was raised by a single mom after that. They struggled with paying the bills after that and Cardone knew he never wanted to live life that way. Now he’s a multimillionaire running several successful businesses. The whole point to this book is you have to be obsessed with everything you do in life, be so great nothing can stop you, or just be average. There’s nothing wrong with average, but why not strive to your full potential?

Cardone describes people always telling him he’s too intense, that he’s going to burn out. They chalk it up to being ADHD. But Cardone, attributes all of his success to his “obsessive personality”. His book really is something that everyone should read, especially if you are in business.