The Importance of Writing Your Mission Statement

Every major corporation has a mission statement. Just because you are a small business (one employee, perhaps), doesn’t mean you don’t need a mission statement. YOU DO. A Mission Statement keeps your vision and goals in alignment and always at the forefront of the employees minds (especially when you are that employee).
Here are some tips on how and why to write one from

Forbes is one of my favorite blogs to read for big/small company information. Every company must follow certain conventions that have been proven over time to improve the overall life and longevity of the company. Mission Statements are one of them. Heck, you should also have a personal mission statement.

So now you know you need one, but how do you come up with one? Answer these questions to help you come up with your personal mission statement.

  • Who is your company?
  • What do you do? What do you stand for? And why do you do it?
  • Do you want to make a profit, or is it enough to just make a living?
  • What markets are you serving, and what benefits do you offer them?
  • Do you solve a problem for your customers?
  • What kind of internal work environment do you want for your employees?

After you answer those, head on over to this article where you can learn more about putting a mission statement together. Although sitting down to write a mission statement may seem daunting, it should be simple. You know your company and your vision better than anyone else, so just express your vision into words. Good luck!

What is your personal mission statement? Let us know in the comments!