Working with Your Spouse: Introduction

Written By Joseph Pampalone


I was working as the quality assurance specialist at a company that sells and ships titanium and my wife was the admin for the front office.  She worked there only part time because she was building up her own company.  She designed websites and made house calls to fix people's computers.  She eventually left the company to pursue the business full time.  She came to a point where she had to split the business because it was too much work to handle on her own.

I was very proud of her, naturally, and encouraged her to look for someone to hire on.  The process was very long, difficult and ended in failure.  There was no one out there we could find who had the level of technical expertise and was personable enough to represent our company; so my wife decided to drop a big shock on me.

She asked me to join the company and work with her at the business.  I had the technical expertise and over a decade of retail experience so that was no issue.  The question was, could our marriage handle us working as business partners. We would discover over the next several years that; thankfully the answer has been yes.

In this series I will address several key issues involving marriage and business.  The two can go together, but it must be taken seriously and it must be done right.

Would you ever consider working with your spouse? Have you ever worked with your spouse?  Share some of your experiences below!