Book Review: All the Money in the World

When Elizabeth asked me to contribute to her blog by writing books reviews, this book sprung to mind. We recently read this book in my Online Book Club and I loved it! As a wealth advisor, I teach people How Money Works and I am always reading books on finance and this one is in my top favorites.

 And I gotta say, I am a little surprised. She is not very kind to financial planners; aside from that..this is a great book!

“What do the happiest people in the world know about money?”

This book is really a mind shift on how people think about money. Money is simply a tool, it helps us build the lives we want. What happens if you use that tool to build a better life for you and the people you care about?

What would change in your life if you had “all the money in the world”? Decide what the answer is and then manage your money so that you can afford those changes. Do you want to travel more, volunteer, retire early, give to charity? What do you have to do with your finances to make that happen?

No one is forcing us to spend our money in certain ways, on certain things, and if we step back we may realize that we have the resources to create the happiness we want. Figure out what matters to you and you can figure out how to use money in a satisfying way. For example, if you want to work less and travel more, and who doesn’t, make that a financial goal. Think of how much money comes in and out of your hands in your lifetime; that could be redeployed!

The book breaks it down to 3 premises of wealth:

  1. I have enough. There are people who have more, but also plenty who have less.
  2. If I want more than I have now to achieve big goals, I can figure out a way to get it.
  3. Every dollar is a choice. How I earn it & how I spend it are up to me.

With chapters like: What Else Could That Ring Buy, Laughing at the Joneses, and Ode to a Ziploc Bag; this is an entertaining and easy ready that provides a practical and inspiring guide that shows how money can buy happiness—if we use it wisely.