4 Tools I Need to Survive the Daily Email Avalanche

If you are like me, your email is probably overflowing with junk and business. Problem is, how many times a day do I have to delete the same email from Old Navy? Or how many times a day do I miss following up with someone because I didn't see their email (it was on page 2). This happens all to often, however I have found a way to combat the overwhelm!

Meet Unroll.me:

Unroll.me allows me to unsubscribe from stuff (kinda sorta) with one click. It will hold my precious Old Navy sale emails in a special folder until I am ready to view them. It can also delete them on contact so I never see them again. Now when I receive 100 emails a day, it probably will translate to $$$ IN, instead of $$$ out. Price: Free

Meet ActiveInbox

I use my inbox as a todo list. I never file an email until I have completed the task or the followup conversation is over. This can make for a BLOATED inbox. (kind of like leaving everything on the desktop you need?! That is a whole other post.) Active Inbox is a way for me (for $3/mo) to put popup dates on emails, File them, and on the date i chose, the email reappears in my inbox! HOW COOL IS THAT! It is great for following up with people who say "Maybe I'll be ready to buy later, contact me in 3 months." You got it, Dude. I WILL be contacting you in 3 months. To the day to be exact. Thanks to Active Inbox, My followup ratio has gone through the roof, resulting in more sales and less missed opportunities. Price: less than $5/mo

Meet Boomerang:

This nifty Google Apps plugin is a great way to get ahead of your emails over the weekend etc.  You can write the followup email on Friday or over the weekend you need to send on monday (so it is at the top of your client's inbox). ActiveInbox has since added a similar feature, however, if you are looking to dip your toe in the water, this is a great place to start! Price: FREE - so far

Meet Hubspot:

I am new to this account. I have only had it a few weeks. It has some of the same features as Boomerang and ActiveInbox. It has one very distinct feature. For Google Apps Users, I can see when someone opened an email in real time. I get a popup notification. I can also go into my account and see what I sent, when and who opened it and when. This is great to track when you are CCing multiple people to be sure they all opened it. You can also track everything about your clients in one organized space. Did I mention this works with teams? Price: Free and Paid versions, I use the Free version.