The Power of a Mentor

Our businesses are our babies. We have put so much love effort and work into them, we often forget the amount of knowledge we have gained. This can be helpful to others who are a few paces behind us in the journey. Mentoring can be simple or elaborate. It can be to one or many. Check out this article on the Mentoring toolkit and how you can be a mentor!

It can be intimidating when you first decide to become a mentor. But if you just use the knowledge you’ve gained to help someone in your field, you won’t have a problem. You will quickly see how much it helps you to help someone else. You can lead them along the right path instead of making the same mistakes you did. However, there are still trenches before you, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Often, in business, we think “We Got This!”. While we may be steps ahead of our mentee, we are miles behind women who had traveled before us and beside us. We can all use a little advice and counsel from time to time. Especially when we get stuck in a rut! Check out how you can choose the best mentor for you at this point in your journey! 
Mentorships are beneficial and almost crucial on both the giving and receiving end. Starting a business is a long, and often lonely road. But leaning on others around you to help and learn from their mistakes, isn’t something to be ashamed of. Especially if you keep the circle going and mentor someone who is just getting started. There is power in numbers, so get started with mentoring or being mentored today!