Marketing Strategies for Pinterest

Pinterest is the hottest new marketing trend right now. People are categorizing it wrong though, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine. Once you realize that it’s just a search engine, you won’t be questioning whether or not you should be on there, you’ll be wondering how’s the best way to do it for the best SEO? Here are a couple strategies to help you make the best of Pinterest.

  • Enable rich pins. A rich pin just means it includes more information on the actual pin. So the more information on the frontend will likely cause more people to check it out.
  • Optimize the pin description. Just as you would for Google, use descriptive keywords, that people will search.
  • Optimize your boards. Make sure you keep you Pinterest clean and clutter-free, create highly categorized boards and use keywords in the description of the boards.
  • Pinterest ads. A good way for your pin to be seen is to run ads, if Pinterest isn’t in your marketing budget, I would suggest it.

Pinterest could potentially have a high ROI, if you put in the time to learn it. It isn’t hard to learn and if you implement these strategies, you’ll be sure to get great marketing in.

How has Pinterest helped you grow? Let us know in the comments.