Why You Should Embrace Technology

I read an interesting article by Gary Vaynerchuk recently and it really struck a chord with me. Here’s the excerpt that really stuck out:

“Millennials are no different from Gen Y, Gen X, or any previous generation when it comes to being affected by a culture shift. In the 1940s, people had their heads in the newspaper and theirs ears to the radio. By the 60s, it was the TV. What about everyone today on their laptop and smartphones at a Starbucks? See what I’m getting at?”

He goes on to say, it’s evolution. And it is, they are growing up in a different time than the 60’s or 70’s and they shouldn’t be frowned upon for that. Instead, parents should allow them to explore new technology, because with new evolving tech comes new opportunities. So often I hear “Those are our future presidents, we’re in trouble!”, from older generations, but honestly what has your generation done so right?

People fear change, when really we should be embracing it. It is such an exciting time with technological advances, our kids literally have the world at their fingertips. It is now possible for a 15 year old to make money on Instagram, or YouTube. Why talk down to them for exploring their options? I think it’s great that they want to use their phones or tablets to learn or really embrace their interest. If you deprive yourself or your children of exploring technology you are hindering future growth.

Bottom line is, technology is not bad, it is the future of our world, and if you aren’t on board you will get left behind.