How To Brand Yourself

We are always branding ourselves, whether it be good or bad. Social media may seem like a place to just post your food pictures or chat with friends about where you are going that night. But you have to remember, it is a social, public platform. The content you put out reflects back on you, and future employers or clients will undoubtedly check out your profiles before meeting you in person, that is why it’s important to know how to brand yourself. These three strategies will make sure you are branding yourself in your niche and will help you in the long run.

Strategy #1: Post quality content.

Make sure that when you choose to post, it is quality content that you wouldn’t mind a future client seeing. The picture should be clear, not blurry, and it should make sense, not just a random picture of a tree. Remember your profiles are a reflection of your character, make it reflect the true you.

Strategy #2: Provide value.

Whenever you post on Facebook, provide value to people. We are all good at something, if you are trying to create a personal brand, provide people with something you are good at, like knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise come by. Are you good at marketing? Let that be known in the content you provide, and people will be messaging you wanting to know your secrets. Therefore, future clients/employer will definitely see that you know your niche.

Strategy #3: Refrain from ranting.

We all have bad days, we all have those friends or family members that drive us crazy and we just want to rant about it. Do not use your social media for this. This includes political rants. You don’t want someone’s first impression of you to come off like you’re a negative Nancy.

Implement these three strategies into your social media and you’ll be sure to start building a personal brand that reflects who you really are and will open up unimaginable opportunities for you.