Understanding Yourself Before You go into Business with Your Spouse

The hardest thing in life is to take an honest look at yourself. Socrates famously said to “Know Thyself” recognizing that most people don’t like all they see and that leads to excuses or self-delusions. Working with your spouse can be very difficult if you are not able to be honest about your own weaknesses and strengths.

The business will succeed or fail based on how it is run. If pride leads you to take on responsibilities in areas where you are not suited that leads to problems and eventually failure. Business is never supposed to be personal, except in that everyone has a vested interest in working hard and seeing the business succeed.

Your spouse, I assume because mine is this way, loves and respects you. Don’t look at an area where they are stronger as a failing on your part. Take pride in your spouse’s strengths and remember that you are “one flesh” now. You are paired in a complimentary way, you each have strengths and weaknesses but you balance each other. Being honest about yourself allows this balance to occur and helps in your success.