6 Ways to Include Others In Your Content Creation

Working with others to create quality content is sometimes a challenge, but it’s an amazing way to give your readers access to a new perspective and introduce a fresh voice to your blog. Below are my six favorite ways to work with others to create amazing content.

1. Guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to a. Hand your content over to someone else for the week and b. Introduce your audience to another valuable person in your industry. You can find guest posters by offering to collaborate with someone else in your industry, or simply making it known that you are looking for guest posters.

2. Collaborative content

Collaborative content can really be anything that two or more people work on together. From writing an alternatingly hosted blog series to working together on an e-book or course, the opportunities for creating collaborative content are endless.


Quotes are a great way to draw attention to others in your content - especially on social media. Whip up a quick graphic in Canva (and be sure to tag whoever you’ve quoted) and share away!

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing way to work with others in industries similar to your own. Whether you partner up with another business owner to start a podcast together or incorporate a series of interviews into your podcasting schedule. Podcasts bring together people from all corners of the internet to help educate and share valuable business information.

5. Interviews

Interviewing others in your industry or industries similar to your own is a great way to make connections and help your audience learn about other valuable resources in your niche. Interviews can be hosted within a podcast, presented in a blog post, or even as a series of Q&As on social media!

6. Conferences

Conferences are a great place to meet others in your industry to collaborate with, as well as create content in the moment because you are all together, but this barely scratches the surface of the potential for conferences and collaboration in your business. For more ways to find collaborative opportunities at conferences, check out (Elizabeth’s Book Title Here) and you’ll be on your way to collaborative content in no time.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can work with others to create killer content for your website and blog. What are your favorite ways to collaborate?