6 Ways to Increase Profitability with Video

Video is quickly growing to be a popular way to grow an audience on social media by providing quick, easily digestible content to viewers. From Instagram stories to Facebook lives, there are tons of ways to use video to grow your audience (and your bottom line).


When you host a webinar, meetup, or present at a conference, you are typically required to have a powerpoint or slideshow to accompany your presentation. Turning this slideshow into a video with voiceover is a great way to offer your informative content in a different format.


Similar to a presentation, a webinar is a class that you teach to your audience as an event online. You promote your webinar on social media, your email list, and your blog, then host your webinar to your audience with your presentation, talking points, and questions and answers with your audience.

How-to Posts

Much like a “How To” style blog post, “How To” videos teach a reader or viewer how to solve a problem. A bonus to “How To” videos is that you can simply repurpose blog content into video format and you’re good to go!


Short for “video blog” there is a lot of flexibility with how a vlog and be formatted. Vlogs can be casual “follow me around” style videos where you show your viewers what a day in the life of your business is like, or sit down, informative videos where you teach or explain a topic.


If you are a product based business, a video demonstrating the use of your product can be just what your customer needs to be pushed to buy.


Livestreams can be used as a part of your business in two main ways. First, live streaming at events such as conferences can make people who couldn't attend the event feel included and informed, they also help grow your audience due to their relevance to event attendees who may want to share the video or watch again for themselves. You can also do live streams by yourself or with a business partner as a way to connect with your audience in a more casual way.

How can you incorporate video into your business?