Are YOU Ready to Create an E-Course?

Creating an e-course is often touted as an easy way to create passive income - but it’s not as simple as you may think. Below are some things to consider as you try to decide if you’re ready to create your own e-course.

You should create an e-course if… you have more knowledge to share than you do time to help people, so a course gives you the opportunity to help as many people as possible within your own capabilities.

Not if… you know a little bit about a topic but you’re looking for a quick buck.

There is NOTHING worse than paying money for something, only to have it under deliver later on. That’s why if you create a course, you had better make sure it is chock full of information for your students to learn from. The best way to do this is to pick something you’re passionate about - no matter how niche it is - and put your energy into creating the best course possible for that topic. It may seem more lucrative to pick a popular course topic and try to recreate what other successful bloggers have done, but you will find a lot more success - and satisfaction - when you create a course that is meaningful to you.


You should create an e-course if… you’re SUPER passionate about your topic and you want to reach others who are passionate about your topic too.

Not if… you heard another blogger made a course that earned them thousands of dollars, so you want to imitate that course to make a lot of money.

Creating a course has the potential to be a lucrative moneymaking channel for your business, but if you’re in it for the wrong reasons, your audience will be able to tell. Before deciding to launch a course, it is important to isolate a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and target your course to others who seek out the information that you provide. If you simply create a course that everyone else is creating because you’ve seen others make money doing it, you won’t be successful because your potential customers will be able to tell that you are not passionate about the subject, you are simply using them for money.

You should create an e-course if… you understand or are willing to learn how to successfully pique interest and hype up a launch.

Not if… you think courses are a set it and forget it way to massive passive income.

Creating an e-course is a lot of work. It’s easy to get lost in the glittery sparkliness of “create it once then sell it over and over” that we hear with passive income, but the process of creating an e-course is time-consuming, and it doesn’t stop there. Building up hype, finding customers, and launching your course is an involved process that may need to be repeated over time, so if your plan is to create a course then “set it and forget it” creating a course may not be right for you.

In the end, only you can decide if you are ready to create and launch a course, but before you do, it’s important to ask yourself if you have the passion, knowledge, and drive to create the best possible course that you can.