Chrome Extensions I Can't Live Without

With the thousands of different Chrome extensions available for download, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with options. I’ve listed my favorite everyday Chrome extensions below, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!

Use Loom

Loom is a chrome extension that allows you to record your desktop, tab, or webcam for up to 10 minutes at a time, then easily share via social media or email. Use Loom also allows you to download your recordings as MP4 files to edit together and upload to YouTube or any other video service. Because it works with Chrome, Use Loom also integrates well with Gmail to send screencasts via email to give technical instructions (or just stay hi!)


Searching for coupon codes every time you try to make an online purchase is annoying, so Honey does it for you! The Honey extension scans the internet for any promo that can be applied to your purchase to help you save money without all the extra work. Honey also has a price tracking feature to show you how much the item has cost in the past to allow you to decide if you’re getting the best deal.

Remote for Slides

Remote for Slides is just what it sounds like, a chrome extension that allows any device to act as a remote for Google Slides. Scroll through your presentation without being attached to your computer and turn your phone, smart watch, or tablet into a remote presentation clicker for free!


Momentum is an extension that allows you to set up a custom new tab with an inspirational quote, photo, and the weather for your location for the day. You can also have Momentum remind you of your daily focus and any important links you may need.

Chrome extensions are a great way to maximize the power of your computer without spending a lot of money. What’s your favorite Chrome extension?