How To Create Consistent Content (without going crazy)

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for a LOT of content creation. From social media and blogging to video content and email marketing, coming up with lengthy, fresh, and informative content on an almost daily basis can get exhausting. Instead of losing your mind to try to keep up, take some time to build up a bank of “no brainer” content so that you can be ready to help your audience even on the days that you’re just not feeling it. “No brainer” content can be anything simple that you enjoy creating, but you can read below for my favorite easy ways to keep the content coming.

Q&A/Ask Me How

Q&A style posts make great staple content because they give your audience high quality, highly sought after information without all of the guesswork on your end. Your audience tells you what they want to know so you don’t have to worry about if it will perform well! Q&A’s can be presented in blogs, videos, or even quick posts on social media. The possibilities are endless!



Do you have a client that’s super happy with their latest project? A customer absolutely LOVE the product they bought from you? Don’t just keep that to yourself, tell your audience! Posts like #thankfulthursday and #testimonialtuesday are a great way to create content that you don’t really have to think about, as well as show your audience how great your products or services are!


Company News

Did someone in your company have a baby? Is it your dog’s birthday? Have you reached a business milestone recently? Share it with your audience! While it’s important to keep content mostly related to your business, the occasional personal share or milestone is a great way to remind your audience that you’re a person too and help them feel more connected to you.



Do you answer the same emails over and over? Turn your responses into a blog post, email newsletter, or series of  #FAQFriday posts on social media. This particular “no-brainer” content serves the dual purpose of creating content and clearing out your inbox!


Recycling Old Content

Did an awesome blog post you wrote not get enough love? Is there something seasonal from last year that still applies? Share it again!



Has your business ever won an award? Signed up for a contest? Apply for them and tell your audience! Spread the word. Not only do you get great no-brainer content for your site, you may even win something!

Not all content has to be difficult to create. By keeping a queue of simple but engaging content ready to publish at a moments notice, you can ensure that you are consistently providing quality content to your readers - without working around the clock.