Top 3 Ways to Use Audio On Your Blog

In the rising digital age, audio is becoming a more and more popular way to engage an online audience. Instead of sitting down to read a blog post or watch a video, audio allows site visitors to enjoy your content while multitasking - which people are finding themselves in need of doing even more often. See below for my three favorite ways that you can use audio on your blog.

1. Podcasts

Whether interview based, segments in a series, or just you and a mic, podcasts are a great way to host informative, audio based content right on your blog. And because they can be hosted on so many platforms in addition to your blog, they are also a great way to passively market your business through platforms like the Podcast app or Spotify.

2. Interviews

If you’re not ready to commit to hosting an entire podcast, interviews are a great way to weave an audio component into your blog or website. Interviews can also be transcribed into blog post form so that visitors have the option to read the interview or listen to the audio version.

3. Audiobooks

Incorporating audiobooks on your blog isn't quite like embedding a podcast or posting an interview. Unless you have your own audiobook that you would like to share, you can’t just post an entire audiobook on your site for people to listen to for free. You can however, incorporate audiobooks as a resource for your readers. We’re all busy people, and while it’s great that there are amazing books out there to help us grow and strengthen our businesses, they are useless if we don’t have the time to sit down and read them. Incorporating audiobook recommendations into your blog routine is a great way to maintain relevance in the fast paced digital age that we live in today.

Having an audio component to your blog is key to maintaining relevance in the fast paced world we live in today, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. How will you start incorporating audio into your blog?