Why You Need to Shake Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

When you think about your marketing strategy, you’ve probably checked all of the boxes. You have a cool website, your social media game is on point, and you have an awesome opt-in that is getting people subscribed to your email list. But what about your inbound marketing strategy? You may be doing all of these things, but how are you focusing your energy towards getting people to click through to your site and actually make use of all that you have to offer

Social media

You know all about it. Optimal posting times, the appropriate text-to-image-ratio to do well on Facebook. But do you have a call to action? Is your copy compelling and making viewers feel like they HAVE to click through to your website to make the most out of their ad viewing experience? It’s one thing to understand the nitty-gritty of when to post on social media, but are you thinking as strategically about your call to action?

What to do: Go over your social media strategy for the next few weeks and ask yourself: Why am I posting this? What value is my viewer going to get from this information and how is that going to translate into a sale? Whether that’s cute pictures of your dog with a “click through for more cute puppy pics” or an inspirational quote with a call to action on your website, you can greatly improve your inbound marketing strategy by simply being more intentional with what you post on social media - rather than what time it’s posted.  


You’ve checked all the boxes. You’ve completed all the steps. You’ve built up an email list you’re so gosh darn proud of… now what? Your list is worthless if you don’t know what to do with it.

What to do: be consistent - but not overwhelming. Pick an email frequency that you can handle, whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and send your list regular emails that are chock full of value, information, and temptation to click through to your site and make a purchase or schedule a consultation.


While the goal of inbound marketing is to bring people to your site, the challenge doesn’t end there. If you’ve done everything you can to bring people to your site but the sales just aren’t happening, it’s time to take a closer look at your website to decide if it’s serving you as best it can

What to do: have a friend or family member who isn’t familiar with your business go through your website and write down any questions or complications that they encounter. Where do they go from your home page? What questions do they have when they look at your products or services? Your website may be clear to you because you are familiar with your business, but if site visitors don’t get what you’re trying to project, no amount of inbound marketing can save you.

When you’re struggling with sales, the first place to look is your inbound marketing strategy to make sure you are getting the traffic that you need to convert. Shaking up your inbound marketing strategy is helpful for improving reach and site visits, but if you still aren’t seeing results, you need to step back and look at the big picture.