How to Organize When You Work From Home

Getting organized is a tough job for some people, and it can be even harder when you work from home. While it would be ideal to have an office with a desk and storage at home, it’s not always possible. In order to stay organized, you have to have a plan of action. Use the space you have and utilize all of it. Follow these four steps to become and stay organized, even if you don’t have a set office at-home.

Step one: Clean out any broom closets of clutter, that way you can store work things when they’re not in use. I suggest rolling-cart with drawers like these. That way when you’re working, you can just roll your supplies out to the table and get started, once you’re done roll them back into the closet. It keeps your house looking nice and decluttered from your working materials.

Step two:  Define your work-space. Are you going to be working at the kitchen table? On the couch? Wherever you may be working, know that you don’t want a bunch of clutter, it will distract you from getting your job done. So once you have defined where you will work, keep that space clean and organized (free of household items), so you will be able to concentrate on your work.

Step three: Not only do you need to keep your work-space free of clutter, keep your computer free of clutter. I suggest only downloading and keeping what you need for work on your computer, because once you work from home, you won’t have tech guys to rely on, if your computer stops working properly.

Step four: Pick up after yourself. I know this is a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget and then get overwhelmed with the mess around us and it will be hard to concentrate on the task at-hand. So after you’re done working, just put your supplies back in the handy little cart and roll it into a closet. Same thing before you work, make sure your workspace is free of household items that will only distract you.

These are four simple steps that will allow you the freedom of overwhelm, if you implement them. Staying organized when you work from home, even if you don’t have an office, can be done. Happy organizing!