Working Harmoniously with Your Spouse

Who is perfect? When we are honest the answer is no one. With this in mind, we try to be tolerating of others around us, why not more so with our spouses? There is no real secret trick to working in harmony with your spouse. There is only a choice, that choice being, do I allow myself to be annoyed with my husband or wife and treat them poorly or do I offer grace and understanding? It is easy to write and say, much more difficult to follow.

Making that choice to love your spouse and treat them respectfully is what leads to long and happy marriages. The same can be said with business relationships involving your spouse. Fans of the television show The Office know, deluded boss Michael Scott is always going on about how business is about people and the people you work with are family. Ironically, in the show, he has many bad ideas and foolish notions but he was absolutely correct about that. His branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company is the most closely knit and the most successful despite the entire wacky goings on that Michael elicits.

I know that for me, my business partner is my family, my lovely wife. I am truly grateful that God has blessed me with the hand of this wonderful woman. I make a concerted effort everyday to be loving and respectful of her in marriage and in business. The success that we have had so far in work and in marriage is a proof to me the choice to be respectful and working in tandem with my wife to optimize our strengths is the right choice. It is not the easy choice, yet it remains the most rewarding one.