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Calculating Business Mileage (MileIQ)

We drive for business more than we realize! Did you know that you could be missing out on average $2500-$5000 a year in deductions? Just because you didn't calculate your millage? Gone are the days of the mini notebook you have to remember to write in. This app works in the background on your phone and has a "swipe left" for personal drives! Get started today and save some $$ on your taxes!

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Bookkeeping/Expense Tracking (Zoho)

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be arduous! This simple to use software will keep your books and numbers nice and neat all year round. For less than $10/mo and your financial peace of mind at your fingertips, I would call that priceless!

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Payroll, Invoicing, Credit Card Processing (Square)

Making money is a full time job. So is getting paid. Square takes the guess work out of invoicing, your Point of Sale, Payroll and Contractor Payments/Taxes. 

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NOTE: Square has comparable fees to other Credit Card Processors such as Paypal, Quickbooks, Stripe and Venmo. The fees typically range from 2.75% to 3.5%. Square does offer a bit more functionality so all of your processing can be done in one place. These fees are not something you can get away from. Other processors will offer "better" fees, however, their products are usually lacking in the functionality and convenience of the product mentioned in this video. 

The 6-Figure Myth

With all of the "coaching" out there today, how do you know if someone really made all the money they said, as fast as they said? I am here to tell you how it really is here in the highs of the lows of the uppers.

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