Is it a Sales Funnel or a Drip Campaign? wait, Isn’t Email Dead?

WHOA! Wait just a minute there…. No, once and for all email is NOT dead. Think about one of the first things you do each weekday (and weekend if you’re honest)… Yup, Check your email. We all do. Plus it probably has that annoying little number on the icon… yeah… that’s just junk right? NO! It’s Touches. We all know it takes 7ish touches for someone to recognize a brand. What if one of those touches was a simple email that they didn’t even open in their inbox. But they more than likely saw as they skimmed the list. Touch #1 down, only 6 to go. And, if they open that email, and opt in, or go to your website or read your blog, BAM! Touch #2, #3 and #4 in the can. Now, only 3 to go, Social Media is a great place to start, events, etc. Not to mention all the touches you get when they get event reminders… those things are like GOLD! So, Why aren’t you using email again?

Each Email Marketing in a Day includes: 

  • Learn Email Layouts for Success

  • Subject lines that stick

  • Increase Open Rates

  • Easy ways to create email graphics

  • Best tools and practices

  • Create a Content Calendar for current and future use



No gimmicks. no bull. Just Real, Honest Numbers.

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