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We can talk about whatever you like. This is your hour… It is my belief that you should not be married to your coach. They are here to help you through a season, move you past a block, get you into a new phase of your business. They are not life coaches, but life is part of business when you own it! They are not financial gurus or law experts, but they can give you advice based on experience and point you in the direction of a professional that can help you get actual financial and legal advice.

Sessions are Virtual. (For in-person sessions, add $50/session, will be held at my office) Packages purchased containing more than one session will also receive unlimited Email/Phone/Text support between sessions.

So, are you ready to finally get over what is holding you back?


(1) 1-hour session $350

(2) 1-hour sessions $400

(3) 1-hour sessions $550

(4) 1-hour sessions $700

Elizabeth helped me understand about networking. She is a master at how to communicate to women who you are. I recommend you contact her if you are like me and networking doesn't come easy! She helped me understand so much more about networking. The most important part is connecting with the women I meet. She is a master at what to say that communicates who you are!
— Lillie Rogers, Skin Care Specialist