i just don’t know… where to go from here, what to do next…maybe its time for a mentor?

It is my belief that you should not be married to your mentor. I am to help you through a season, move you past a block, get you into a new phase of your business. The time we spend together is less about what I can tell you and more about what you can tell yourself. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to do something, maybe you need someone other than yourself or your spouse to tell you something you have known for a while, maybe its just time for a mindset shift into looking at something you hate in a different light.

I want to create a safe environment for you to get all those amazing thoughts out in the open to see what you truly have/think/feel/need/want...

…Let's basically KonMari your brain.

Packages purchased containing more than one session will also receive unlimited Email/Text support between sessions. Sessions can be taken one hour at a time, once a month, twice a month, every week or altogether as a block of time.

So, are you ready to finally get past what is holding you back?


(1) 1-hour session $350

(2) 1-hour sessions $500

(4) 1-hour sessions $800

(4) 2-hour sessions $1500