NON PROFIT 3 Day Package



Not just a logo: Color Psychology, Iconicism, Messaging, Mission, Vision, and of course, up to 10 forms of the logo for different applications, etc

Q & A

Bring a list of questions you have about business, Marketing, Social Media, Selling Online, etc and we will go over them together creating solutions for your and your business.



Setup: Domain and Hosting, Professional Email, Email Marketing, Booking Calendar, Blog, Contact Forms, Donations, etc.

DONATIONS & Online Payments

Setup Donations/E-Commerce website, Create Page and Category Structure, enter 1-2 products per Category, Setup Stripe for Non Profits, Create Donation pages, etc.


Email Marketing

Email templates, Drip Campaigns, Automation, Email Opt-in/Download, Setup RSS feeds from Blog and other sources, create graphics and banners etc.

Tech / Budget Audit

Comb through your business bank account statements and find the items we can save you money on. Systems, Memberships, Professional Development, CRM, IT, etc.

How It Works

1. Let’s Have a Chat to discuss your project and possible dates

2. I will send you my contract and an invoice for 50% to book your date. This will need to be completed online to ensure your date is set in my calendar.

3. A checklist will be emailed to you so you can start gathering your items ahead of our meeting.

4. The Non-Profit Session consists of SIX Projects over THREE Days. Each Day will Include:

  • Spending 5-8 hours of one-on-one training and side by side work

  • Quiet, Professional Environment to help stimulate creativity

  • We begin around 8am and end around 5pm at my office.

  • Lunch will be off campus around Noon.

NOTE My office provides all the free coffee you can drink. Feel free to bring a snack and a sweater because it can get cold in the office!