Podcast Guest Guidelines

Thanks for showing interest in being a guest on my podcast!

The Simplified CEO Podcast shares encouraging stories and provides practical advice for CEOs to simplify their business and life, so they can enjoy more of both. Each episode explores a specific topic for personal development or a story of a CEO who has experienced their own struggle and success in simplifying a specific area.

The show’s target audience is new and aspiring CEOs and those looking to simplify their business and life to reduce stress and make more $$.


  • Whenever possible, explain through story rather than tell.

  • Ensure your equipment will be appropriate for this interview.

    • Smart Phone with Headphones that have a mic

    • Mic is not touching clothing

    • Stand-alone table-top mic setup with Laptop

    • Pro Video or Podcasting Equipment

  • RELAX! This is supposed to be fun! :-D


  • Opening: Elizabeth introduces show and guest – 2 minutes

  • Guest Background: Guest shares their background and business ownership experience – 4 minutes

  • Guest Interview: 3 to 5 questions, conversational style – 20 minutes

  • Final Thoughts: Elizabeth sums up the 1-3 big takeaways from the interview and invites the guest to share theirs– 5 minutes

  • Closing: Final thoughts, where can listeners find you – 4 minutes

Total runtime: 20-35 minutes


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On The Simplified CEO Podcast, I share stories of encouragement and practical advice that will help you grow as a CEO, leader, and badass business owner.