By Mike Michalowicz

The Book That Changed My Business

Reduced my stress by a factor of 1000 and put $20k in the bank without even trying.

I have changed my business and my life with the simple yet profound principles in this book.

Thank you Mike the Motorbike for showing me what a profitable business truly looks like and allowing me to share this with everyone I meet so they too can become Profit First.

If you have not read this, or have read it and not implemented it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I have had so many clients say to me “I can’t afford you right now” or “You charge too much”. With Profit First, those lines are a thing of the past. If they do what is in this book and follow Mike’s formula, they will find that they can afford me pretty soon after ;-)

Join me in this entrepreneur revolution and make this your most profitable year ever!

The Book That Changed My Life

Gave me permission to not be held captive by my things and made this professional organizer a true minimalist.

I always thought I was a good organizer. Everyone always said I was. My mom, My friends, my coworkers, and even my husband. But then a hurricane forced me to sit down, read, and really evaluate my twisted love affair with STUFF.

I started with my closet. WOW. So much pain and no reason for it. Things I wasn’t wearing because they didn’t fit. The shame and guilt associated with them and how I saw myself. And then the freeing moments Marie allows her reader to feel when they finally release what they do not need.

A must-read for anyone dealing with a “cluttered” existence. (Home, office, mind, etc)


(so far so good)

By Chris Voss, Tahl Raz
By Jenny Odell


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