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10 Video How To Series
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Learn how to lead your very own networking group for profit (both monetary and referral). This 10 video series shows you how to design a unique networking group you can use to grow your business and the other businesses in your community!

6 Video How To Series
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Take control of your Facebook Life! Learn Tips and Tricks from the Pros on things like "What's the difference between a Page and a Profile?" and "What is a Bot?" even tips on how to create successful LIVE videos!

5 Video How To Series
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Take your social media game to the next level with this Algorithm Proof, Set-It-And-Forget-It, 6 months of Social Media In A Day. Whew, it sounds like a lot, however, it's VERY doable! Even by the most novice of users!



3 Video How To Series | Lifetime Access


There is more to social media than just the tactics (the hands on action of posting.) Your brand, audience, marketing plan and business plan all need to be considered before you can dive in. Imagine getting clear on that and realizing consistency is more. Then imagine you could watch a session with a Social Media Expert and find freedom in your social media tactics in 2019. No more staying up till midnight. No more realizing it’s been weeks since you last posted. Learn the tricks of the pros and implement your social media strategy for 2019 in one day!

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The Ultimate Vetted Jacksonville Florida Networking Calendar

Not sure where to go? Which events to attend? This calendar tells you where to network next. Enjoy a curated list of vetted events from around Northeast Florida. Elizabeth is the Networking queen and has been to so many groups. She has developed a formula of evaluating a networking group so that each business owner does’’t waste time with poorly run groups. This calendar lists all of her approved groups.

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