My name is Elizabeth!

I am a woman of action!

I am done with putting projects on hold for no reason, Let's Do This!

I am not your typical website professional.

When we partner, We work on the WHOLE business to ensure that your business is more automated and works FOR you instead of against you!

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I began my journey into the web design world over 18 years ago. In 2007, I started my first company, The Jax Computer Chic, an in home computer repair and training company that focused on senior citizens. My husband Joseph and I worked side by side in this company for 5 years and it was our sole income during the recession. As we grew our residential business, I felt lonely as my husband was an accidental employee and I longed to know that I was not alone. I had no idea there was such a business community in Jacksonville!

I learned about Business Networking, a new concept to me, and began attending 3 meetings a day of over a year. I made it my goal to be one of the most recognizable names in Jacksonville, FL. In 2014, I was named “Queen of Jacksonville Networking” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. During the next 2 years, I led 13 meet-up groups per month.

Currently, I volunteer with SCORE and am a frequently requested guest lecturer at the Coggin College of Business (UNF) which has allowed me to give back to the small business community. I also hold regular trainings at the Small Business Developement Center (SBDC) - List of classes can be found here.


  • Owns two jeweled tiaras

  • Has a Chocolate Milk Addiction

  • Loves going to Estate Sales

  • Was homeschooled from grades K-12

  • Has a Pug Named Obi-Wan

  • Used to Teach Ballroom Dance

  • is given little blue boxes by her hubby Joseph on her birthday


I believe that God gives each of us talents that we are to use for His Glory. I have had so many "marketers" tell me that I am crazy to even add this statement of faith to my site.
"What if you offend a potential client?" "What if they won't work with you because of your faith?"
I know that my job would not be possible if it were not for My Heavenly Father. He has opened so many doors and shut others when I needed to take a different direction. I am eternally grateful for His leading in my business and my life.

Early in my career, I have had the privilege of making house calls to hundreds of homes in North East Florida. When I would visit a home, I would not only fix their sick computer, I would pray for the client, that they might come to know the Savior as I had. I am open about my faith with my clients. I enjoy the theological discussions I have had over the years.

My mission is to empower small business women to walk in Faith and in Confidence that He has called them to fulfill a need and purpose. I hope to help them achieve that through technology, consulting and encouragement.