How To Maximize Your Blog Content

There’s so much content floating around on the internet that sometimes it can be easy to forget - blog posts take a lot of work. The time it takes to research, draft, edit, and format your blog posts for SEO can really add up, which is why it’s important to remember the other places and ways you can use your blog content.

Email Automation

Whether you have your list sign up for e-blasts whenever you write a new post, or you incorporate old blog post content into your monthly newsletter, email is a powerful tool for getting more eyes on the blog posts you’ve worked so hard to create. From inserting teaser snippets to linking entire posts, your emails can drive a lot of traffic to older, “less loved” blog posts.

Evergreen Content

Unless every single post you create is event specific, it’s likely that many of your blog posts are relevant year round. Periodic roundup posts or social media shares are a great way to bring attention back to older posts that may have gotten lost in the shuffle

Social Media Posts

Do you ever write a line for a blog post and think “Man I’m good” - turn it into a tweetable quote! this, in conjunction with sharing old posts through social media and your email list, gets your readers to do your marketing for you by quoting your posts on twitter and driving traffic to your blog - long after the original post was written.

These are just three of the many ways that repurposed blog content can help you bring in more traffic and get clients. How do you repurpose your blog content?