Why You Should be Using Pinterest

Pinterest. Just the word comes with a stigma, “food, weddings, and crafts”. While all of these things are on Pinterest, it’s time to shatter that stereotype; the stereotype that it’s just for women who are looking for a new DIY project. Pinterest is a tool you can use to market your business and increase your growth by an exponential amount. Here are some reasons you should be using Pinterest for your business.

  • A pin is 100 times more expansive than Twitter, meaning a pin is 100 times more likely to get repinned than a tweet is to get retweeted. So if you are wanting your content to be seen, Pinterest is the place to be.
  • One Pinterest pin equals 2 site visits and 6  pageviews. So create aesthetically pleasing pins and watch your pageviews grow.
  • The life of a pin is much longer than any other social media site. The life of a pin is one week, Twitter’s is less than an hour and Facebook’s is less than 2 hours. So pins really do just keep working for you, all you have to do is create one pin and watch the magic happen.

So, are you convinced to utilize pinterest yet? Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Make sure you switch to a business account, that way you’re able to use rich pins and have access to your Pinterest analytics.
  2. You should be pinning around 30 pins per day, but not all at once. Drip the pinning out throughout the day, there are multiple pin schedulers for this.
  3. All of your pins that you create should be vertical in size, and follow the framework of a successful pin.
  4. Join a pinterest group board. To get into a group board just find one that fits your niche from pingroupie.com and follow the directions at the top of the group board. If there are no directions just simply message or email the owner of the board.
  5. Make sure to set up your profile and about me section to get the most out of SEO. Use keywords specific to your niche. Be clear about who you are and what you do.

Pinterest can seem intimidating at first, and it does take some work to get started. But once you get rolling, Pinterest will be vital to your growth and success. Pinterest is just simply a search engine, so why wouldn’t you want to be on it?