How You Are Wasting Time Without Realizing It

Our life is a journey, a constant string of events, but we can get complacent with the same old routine. We start realizing we don’t have time to finish the things we really need to get done. When we live our life on auto-pilot and don’t pay attention to how we spend our time, we tend to waste a lot of it. Here are a few ways you are wasting time without even realizing it.

  1. Complaining. Complaining won’t change your situation, so instead of complaining about a situation or circumstance, get off your butt and change it.
  2. Watching TV. Honestly, in the big scheme of things, how will keeping up with latest shows benefit you? It’s mind-numbing and not helping your self-development one bit.
  3. Indecision. Instead of spending 10-15 minutes trying to decide what you should do next on your to-do list, just do the next thing, don’t think about it, you’ll get it all done, if you spend less time thinking about it.
  4. Reading the news/tabloids. Do I think you should know what’s going on in the world? Absolutely. You don’t need to know everything though. Especially which Kardashians are having marital problems.
  5. Social media. Unless you are using it for work, Limit it to 10 minutes a day, you really don’t need much more than that.
  6. Waiting for something to happen. If you are waiting for something to happen, it won’t. Instead of waiting, take action and MAKE something happen.
  7. Gossiping. This is a given, stop talking about  others and work on your goals.
  8. Piling. Don’t let things pile up, rather put them away as you go. Otherwise, you’ll have a big mess to clean up later.
  9. Procrastinating. Another given. Just don’t do it.
  10. Eating junk. Get up and move your body, and enhance your mind.

Stop wasting your time, it’s valuable. Stop doing these 10 things this year and watch your success compound through small, daily decisions.